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Worldwide Learning is an online learning system designed to teach people the basics of using the internet.

The courses are aimed at users with poor Internet connectivity and can be published in any language. Worldwide learning courses have been used by trainees in the following countries: India, Serbia, Bosnia, Sri Lanka, China, Bulgaria, Iran, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, the Maldives, Russia, Georgia, Romania, Moldova, Uganda, DRC, the Ukraine, Tajikistan, Palestine, Turkey, Liberia, Burundi, Somalia and Somaliland, Nigeria, Iran, Syria, Yemen and Indonesia.

Worldwide Learning courses: 

• promote the principles of balanced, objective journalism
• provide advice, models and guidelines for best practice




Welcome to Worldwide Learning

The Web has become a virtual classroom, and it's brimming with places for young professionals to gain advanced skills. According to a recent study, online education isn't just the future; it's the kind of learning our generation prefers.

Worldwide learning Courses

Material is written by experienced journalists who have training experience themselves. To create a Worldwide learning course, a trainer or administrator working closely with assistance from the central team will select from a module library featuring more than 100 modules. Topics range from basic IT skills and ethics to more specialist skills (eg audio) and subject areas (eg reporting HIV and AIDS).


Worldwide learning can be implemented in any language supported by Microsoft or with a downloadable Unicode plug-in. The system has been designed to ensure maximum flexibility when building language versions. The first step is to change the "system dictionary" which controls the language in which the interface is displayed.


English-language courses are written and developed by journalists with a wide experience of professional practise and of training media professionals overseas. The English courses form the basis for implementations of worldwide learning in other languages. Partner organisations translate and reversion the content, making it locally relevant and culturally sensitive.

Learning for children

We provide children around the world with high quality digital primary education, and help children significantly improve in learning performance. Worldwide Learning is the number 1 online learning website in the world and we make a huge difference in your child's performance in exams.

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