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iLearn in 2009… and 2010
New countries - from Latin America and Afghanistan to East Africa. New modules from reporting women's issues to blogging to the environment. What's next for 2010... [more]

‘Everything was useful’
As the world gets ready for the first African World Cup, find out about iLearn and the East Africa Cup, including online training for African sports journalists and community leaders. And feedback from trainees has been very positive... [more]

‘Wow! What a project!’
...those are the words of Michael Palin describing the ZigZag team. They have used a virtual newsroom and iLearn courses to train more than 150 journalists, and now they've won an award for their work. [more]
‘I have become more aware of my audience’
‘Before, even if I noted or reported figures, I just reported the amount. But now, I am concerned about how the money is spent,' explains a Nigeria Budget Monitoring project trainee [more]

iLearn training in sport for development
How did iLearn training supersize a sport for development conference in Namibia? Can football really be used as a tool in preventing the spread of HIV and AIDS? And what does Jose Mourinho have to do with it all? [more]

Facts? Impartiality? Forget it...
'Forget your opinions, and focus on the facts' summarizes how news journalists are trained to report events. But you can forget all that when you’re writing a music review... [more]

83 complete a 'really wonderful' course
Journalists who followed an iLearn course on reporting the environment found it ‘stimulating’, ‘exciting’, ‘motivating’ and ‘rewarding’. 83 reporters across India passed the course, which was the final part of an 18-month training programme. [more]

"Now I'm proud to be journalist..."
The feedback has started to come in from the communicating justice project - and it's clear that training is helping journalists. [more]

Difficulties, but some notable successes, in Somalia
A thorough evaluation of the BBC World Service Trust’s journalism training programme in Somalia has warned that there is no ‘quick fix’ to improving the media sector in the war-torn country. [more]

Thumbs up for iLearn in India
‘iLearn training is perceived as valuable and desirable by Indian participants at all levels – partner institutions, co-ordinators, trainers and trainees – as well as by media organisations.’ [more]

iLearn 'highly valued success', says report.
An independent assessment of a WST training project in Sri Lanka found that iLearn training was one of its principal successes. [more]

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